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Your Health & Wellness starts here. A Yoga Retreat is a great way to fully experience the power of yoga which takes you beyond The Mat and offers you the time to deeply relax and replenish your energy levels

Adelaide Yoga & Meditation Retreats - make the commitment to yourself today and register for one of our up and coming retreats. Don't hesitate, the longer you leave it the longer it will take you to get back on track. 

Our Retreats are - Transformational - Insightful - Educational - Healing

Take time out to reset habits, enjoy the benefits of Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation. Begin or continue your journey towards Self-awareness, clarity, make breakthroughs in your life in a short amount of time or over a longer period.

Science now reveals through neuroplasticity that - Every time you learn something new you create a synaptic connection in your brain. Learning is forming new synaptic connections in your brain. Learning just one new experience can increase the current circuits in the brain and thus leave you with a new way of acting, feeling and behaving. This changes the chemical and genetic pathways... this is how Yoga, breathing and Meditation heals.


Here is what others have said about Cathie's Retreats -


"Cathie's positive statements gave me a can do attitude, I was made to feel everything was a choice, and the group was well supported. The grounds were serene and the food Tasty" Marg N.


"The service, attention to detail, the schedule, the preparation, the flow of what was needed was all exemplary. The food was lovingly prepared, created and served had an exceptional vibrational quality which reflected throughout everyone present. It is truly a special place as well. We are very lucky to have this" Mellissa D.


"I absolutely loved the Retreat. I found myself flowing into the poses and surprised myself with how far and long I could extend and maintain the practices (particularly triangle pose). When we lay down for relaxation, I felt like my body was glowing and I could feel orange/red lights in my palms and a warmness spreading all over me. Overall my mind is clearer and I feel more accepting. I'm definitely feeling a positive shift within me, a balance I needed to find again. I look forward to returning to another Retreat soon" Kate.


READ HERE - "Six Reasons to Take a Retreat"

I have been running retreats for four years and I am consistently amazed by the breakthroughs and transformations that can occur during the course of a day and a weekend even one hour of practice. When people come to together united in the purpose of growing spiritually there is no limit to what they can accomplish. I have seen people's faces change in one second and their lives turn around. The right people come together at the right time, and I find it personally healing and empowering being a part of this process. I look forward to meeting you at one of our Day or Weekend Retreats, it is so close to my heart. So what are you waiting for? See more about our Retreats Below.

Namaste. Cathie



We cater for -


These are for anyone who is feeling listless, lost or just needs some time to themselves to relax

switch off to gain clarity and insight.

What you will experience -

*  Higher energy, vitality through Yoga Practices

*  Deep Relaxation

*  Self-enquiry Skills - awareness skills

*  Yoga Breathing techniques to either increase energy levels or to help relax

*  Meditation

*  Setting positive Intentions


Here is what Carly said about The May Mini Retreat... 

"I really enjoyed the day-length of each session felt quite luxurious. I also felt like I had to let go of being in 'charge' of myself and everyone else around me - which is why I relaxed properly" 

Weekend Retreats are ideal to help with any health condition such as Anxiety/Depression, exhaustion, insomnia, overall stress, rejuvenation or a specific health issue. You will find ways to live a healthier life and get back on track.

What you will experience -

*  Skills to turn your habits around/Journal Writing

*  Mind Power Intention Skills/Awareness/Mindfulness

*  Yoga practices to Stretch, Strengthen, relax and detox.

*  Powerful Breathing techniques.

*  Restorative Yoga and Relaxation Practices

*  Meditation/Self Enquiry

*  Improved circulation

*  Greater Motivation and enthusiasm in life.

*  Clarity and Insight

*  Spiritual Wisdom