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Restorative Yoga



Sunday Sessions on the Mat - one Sunday per month.

A tranquil, nourishing Yoga & Meditive practice to relinquish stress and encourage mindfulness, deepen self-awareness, quiet the mind and emotions develop a spiritual connection. Sublime Practices with Support and Stillness.


Restorative Yoga is a deeply nourishing practice that offers body, heart and mind a respite from the day to day obligations and responsibilities. The body rests in poses supported by props to unravel layers of tension, while awareness is drawn to intentional breath to ultimately bring a sense of quiet to the mind. Poses may include gentle heart-openers, twists, forward folds and an inversion. Benefits include deep relaxation, mental clarity, improved sleep, pain relief. Guided visualisation is also used to enhance wellbeing. This practice is appropriate and accessible for all students. We all get "burn out" from time to time, practicing mindful yoga and breathing along with tools of reflection to encourage positive behaviours and self-care will support your health and well ness in any situation.


Cathie has been immersed in Restorative Yoga practices, she has trained with Judith Laseter, Bo Forbes, Dr, Ian Gawler, and has been influenced by Satyananda Yoga, yoga Nidra...she takes her 20 years of yoga teaching and therapy into groups and training. 


This class is popular and often books out - make sure to book your spot now!

Restorative Yoga Sunday Sessions: Three week series

Tues 27th February - March 13th

6.00pm - 7.15

Cost $60 for 3 weeks or $25.00 casual

Overcoming anxiety: In this 3 week course you will learn specific proven practices to lower anxiety levels , understand

worry as a trigger and how to stop panic attacks.



Restorative Yoga: Raise your Energy Levels

Held over 3 sessions.

March 20th - April 3rd 

6:00pm - 7.30am  

Cost $60 for 3 sessions or $25.00 casual attendance. It is recomended you attend all 3 to receive the full benefits, however you can attend individual sessions if preferred. 

In this 3 week series the Intention will be to raise your energy levels and move through the experience of feeling low in energy or having "Depressed" energy. When our body can not contain it's energy (prana - yoga term for: source of energy) we become depressed. One way we can view this is looking at what were might be "suppressing" or holding on. You will learn the primary sources of where you loose energy and how you can contain it.



Restorative Yin - Tara Hall, Buddha House 

Friday 6th April


Cost $22

Autumn - Prana Vayu it's all about the breath, and the upliftment of energy in Autumn: Is to open to the wonderment of your Breath where breath and movement and inner silence are the key to restoring your emotions before the settling of the winter months. Working on the Prana Vayu, you will enter into deep heartfelt practices to entice Compassion.


Restorative Yin - Tara Hall, Buddha House 

Date TBA


Cost $22

Winter - A gentle restorative practice. Here we stay longer and go deeper into each position, rejuvenating the nervous system and creating inner peace. It's also a time for meditation and reflection with intention of opening along the energy channels/chakras, helps to re-balance and re-energise, allowing us to reconnect with self in a deep and nurturing way so we realise our potential and feel the wonders of life through Vyana Vayu


Restorative Yin - Tara Hall, Buddha House 

Friday 7th September


Cost $22

Spring - Practice here Is all about energy building, and building of inner strength at the core of your being. It's also about detoxing the body/ the mind. It’s a time for new beginnings and setting new intentions that will support you on life's journey.
Focus on the SamanaUdana Vayu


Please bring Your Mat, and two thick Blankets and a personal shawl or light cover.


Please note: Registration - please DO NOT pay via direct debit as we cannot guarantee there will be a space available.

If you are unable to book via the link please contact us for further arrangements.


What is Restorative Yoga?

Restorative Yoga is becoming increasingly popular as a source of Deep Relaxation and Self Enquiry often the most difficult of skills to master. Using the principles of support/sublime positions, meditation, guided visualisation and Yoga breath practices you are guided back into a deep place of rest and stillness. You will leave feeling relaxed and centered, a valuable asset to your ongoing health and wellness.

Yoga and its associated practices are being used by Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Nurses and other Allied Health practitioners. Because it works!


Anxiety and depression have escalated within our lives, adrenal exhaustion is becoming a common health issue effecting people's energy and ability to cope with living a work-life-balance. Further studies in nuero science are showing how we can be re wired to enhance our state of health and wellbeing and Restorative Yoga does just that. Restorative Yoga is a practical and effective way to reduce stress and aid the body's natural healing to take place for a wide variety of physical, mental and emotional health concerns. Studies in Relaxation and meditation reveal they are necessary to re set the body's Flight Flight Response to withdraw and the Rest and Digest Response to Restore.


Restorative Yoga Training

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training - The training is for, Yoga teachers, as well anyone wanting to incorporate restorative practices into their work and/or personal lives including serious yoga students, body workers physical therapists, massage, nurses, counsellors, coaches, workplace HR etc. or anyone interested in learning more about this practice and developing more self-awareness.

 Find a list of training courses available and more extensive information on the Restorative Training Page