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 Norwood Timetable 

All classes start back up from Tuesday January 23rd 2018, Happy holidays, stay safe and meditate

Bahva Yoga Room in Queen Street.

WELCOME BACK TO YOGA PASS 4 X CLASSES FOR $55.00 (Expires 27th February)

99 B Queen Street Studio - bookings via text or you can just turn up 10 mins prior to class 0418 811747



9.30am- 10.45am (Hatha Stretch & Relax)

6pm-7.30 New  Restorative Yin ( 3 week blocks for booking)


6pm-7.15pm (Hatha Stretch & Relax)



Restorative Yoga 10am-11.45am

Held Monthly (see Restorative Yoga page)




Class Info classes are designed for you to practise within your own capabilities.

All Classes are small (up to 9 persons) and offer guidance and assistance based on the classical Hatha Yoga postures, with an element of partial poses to prepare the body. The classes integrate yoga Postures that are easily practised whilst slowly developing a combination of static and dynamic postures which are taught with an intention of alignment.  Classes include Relaxation and pranayama.


Hatha Yoga General class - This class is taught so anyone at any level can join in , it is integral where Yoga movement, breathing methods, meditation, visualisation and Yoga Inspired readings are given in each class.  You can hold the poses longer or for less are encouraged to learn the practices to support your bodies needs at anytime.


Restorative Yoga -Restorative Yoga  uses props to support your body in classical Yoga postures to increase there therapuetic effect. simple breathing practises and guided relaxation to reduce the effects of stress. Meditation and visualisation is also included. This class is for those who wish to treat themselves to some down time and deeply relax. Ideal for beginners or anyone recovering from illness or injury. Further information is on Restorative Yoga Page.

Restorative Yin : is a combination of static restful positions with some  gentle movement, breath, meditation and Yoga Nidra/relaxation. Classes are themed based to develop intention and build positive thinking. 

 Chakra Yoga- Energy Body - Workshops-

Is a new practice created by Spirit of Yoga, now being brought into the Yoga class.Classes are a combination of Hatha Yoga Postures, meditation - pranayama -  emphasising Chakra Balancing with Healing. During this workshop you are encouraged to  access the energy/feeling of the chakras.  While practicing this way the student tends to feel more "connected" supported and relaxed and are able to hold and go further into the posture, with ease. At the end of every class you  relax whie the teacher connects you to the universal healing frequencies so you can allow deeper healing to take place. It is Yoga and  healing combined to create a powerful practice. See workshops for 2016


This workshop was a great success - one student said

" it took 2hrs to release that block but it's taken me 25years to realise, I am the way I am & do the things I do." Thank you for your dedication & sharing your knowledge....




Classes on Now.

HEALTH FUND REBATES -  Some funds will cover my Yoga classes.  Please quote them my Yoga Australia Association number 1818 when making an enquiry. (please note we do not get involved in your claims or give Health fund advise we do issue a receipt upon request)


Classes are small and individual needs can be accomodate please speak with Cathie in Regards to this.  
Payment is either Cash or via Direct Debit to         
(there are no current classes available in Tea Tree Gully, only Restorative workshops)
Yoga Retreats:-  we currently have three retreat days planned, please go to either our home page or retreat page. A short or longer retreat will improve your mind/body in a shorter space of time, for a longer time.



  • Casual Class               
  • 5 classes
  • 10 classes
  • Energy body/Chakra Class/stretch workshops
  • Reconnective Healing
  • Personal Sessions - Yoga & Stretch Therapy
  •  Restorative Yoga/Yoga Nidra                                            
$18.00 /$15 Concession 
$ 75.00 per hour $60/45min or $195.00 for three